Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дамы с собачками. Часть 8

Gerhard Munthe - Idyll

Therese Schwartze - Young Italian woman with the dog Puck

Bartolomé Gonzalez y Serrano - Queen Margarita of Austria

Mary Cassatt - Portrait Of Marie Louise Durand Ruel

George Romney - Lady Hamilton as Nature

Delvaille Henry Caro - Tea Time

Frederick Childe Hassam - Reading

Григорий Мясоедов - Осиротевшие

Lucien Freud - Girl with a White Dog

Pierre Bonnard - Marthe Bonnard and Her Dog

Часть 1, Часть 2, Часть 3, Часть 4, Часть 5, Часть 6, Часть 7
Tags: dogs, series, women

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