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Дети и кошки. Часть 7
Helena J. Maguire - A Summer Afternoon

Joseph Clark - Three Little Kittens

Emily Farmer - Kitty's Breakfast

Claude Joseph Bail - The Little Girl with the Cauldron

Balthus - Girl with a Cat

Henry Jules Jean Geoffroy - Sharing A Meal

Áldor János László - Playing with a kitten

Seymour Joseph Guy - One for Mommy, One for Me

Paula Modersohn-Becker - Girl with Cat in Birch-forest

Andrée Bosquet - Filette au chat

Часть 1, Часть 2, Часть 3, Часть 4, Часть 5, Часть 6

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Seymour Joseph Guy - мой чемпион!

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