Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Натюрморты с попугаями. Часть 2

Eugene-Louis Boudin - Fruit and Vegetables with a Parrot

Franz Werner von Tamm - Papagei auf Kuerbissen

Franz Xavier Petter - Still Life with Flowers, Parakeets and Butterflies

Balthasar van der Ast - Still-life with Fruit, Shells and Insects

Григорий Теплов - Натюрморт с нотами и попугаем

Ferdinand Kuss - A Still Life with a Vase of Assorted Flowers, Peaches and a Parrot on a Marble Ledge

Jakab Bogdany - Still-Life with Birds

Antoine Chazal - Still Life with a Budgerigar

Frank Weston Benson - Still Life

Sebastiano Lazzari - Trompe L'oeil with Still Life of Strawberries and a Parrot

Часть 1
Tags: birds, flowers, fruit, series, still-life
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