Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дамы у камина. Часть 12

Philip Wilson Steer - The End of the Chapter

Delphin Enjolras - Jeune femme devant la cheminée

Gustave-Leonard de Jonghe - Reverie by the fireplace

Jean Carolus - Afternoon Tea

Santiago Rusiñol Prats - Laughing Girl

Julius LeBlanc Stewart - Before the Fire

Frederick Childe Hassam - A Familiar Tune

French School, 19thCentury - An interior with an elegant lady, her spaniel and a maid before a fireplace

Lilian E. A. Harris - Mrs Charles Calvert as the Old Lady in 'Henry Vlll', His Majesty's Theatre

Harold Gilman - Interior with a Girl by a Mantelpiece

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Tags: interior, series, women

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