Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Устрицы. Часть 8

Osias Beert - Still life with oysters and olives on tin plates, together with a silver spice box, a nautilus cup and a Wan-li bowl with sugared cookies

Alexander Adriaenssen - Still Life with Fish, Oysters and a Cat

Netherlandish School, circa 1700 - Still Life with Oysters, Bread, and Wine

Jacques Linard - Still life with four elements

G. van Deynum - Still life with fruit and oysters on a pewter plate

Hendrick de Fromantiou - Still Life with Oysters

Jan van Neervoort - Still Life With Oysters

James Sillett - Still Life

Édouard Manet - Nature morte, huîtres, citron, brioche

Henri Manguin - Seafood and Eel

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Tags: series, still-life

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