Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дамы в фиолетовом. Часть 13

Allan Douglas Davidson - An English Yum-Yum (My lady lights the sombre day: A scene from The Mikado)

Basile Lemeunier - Woman in a mauve dress

Osmund Pittman - Lady in Purple Dress in the Garden

Jacek Malczewski - Portrait of a Woman

Иван Макаров - Женский портрет

Сharles d'Agar - Lady Amabel Grey

Sir Oswald Birley - Portrait of the Artist's Wife Rhoda

Pierre Auguste Renoir - Madame Choquet by the window

Christopher Williams - Mrs Parry Jones

Ferdinand Hodler - Portrait of Lina Crot

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Tags: series, women
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