Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дамы в жёлтом. Часть 18

William Strang - Panchita Zorolla

Gustave Jean Jacquet - Lady in yellow dress

Philip Alexius de László - Lady Jane Muir Coats, née Greenlees, of Ballathie

Johann Rudolf Huber - Portrait of a Lady of the d'Hervart Family in a Yellow Dress, with Flowers in Her Corsage

American School (20th century) - Portrait of an African American Lady in a Yellow Dress

John White Alexander - Juliette

Alec Donnelly - Portrait of a Lady

Fernand Toussaint - Pensive Woman in Yellow Dress

Charles Jervas - Jane Hyde, Countess of Essex

Georges van Houten - Reclining Lady in Yellow

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Tags: series, women
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