Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Натюрморты с попугаями. Часть 11

Jakob Bogdány - A Still Life With Fruit, Parrots And a Cockatoo

Della Rotta - Still Life with Fruit, Flowers and Parrot

Giuseppe Ruoppolo - Still Life With Citrus Copper Kettle Flowers And Parrot

Jean-Baptiste Monnoyer (style of) - A Figured Vase of Flowers with a Monkey Teasing a Parrot

José Agustín Arrieta - Still Life

Sir Frank William Brangwyn - Flowers and Birds

Beuckeleer Huybrecht - Still life

Jan Fyt - Still Life with a Hare, Fruit and Parrot

Johann Heinrich Vogeler - Still life with Flowers and Parrot at the Window

Marc Sterling - Still Life with Doll, Parrot and Flowers

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Tags: birds, series, still-life
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