Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дамы с собачками. Часть 20

George Haugh - The Countess of Effingham

Richard Buckner - Portrait of Lady Alfred Paget with her Maltese dog on her knees

Michel Hubert Descours - Portrait of Marie-Jacqueline Descours

Harald Slott-Møller - A woman and her dog

John Collier - Love me, love my dog

Giuseppe Maria Crespi - A Lady with a Dog

John White Alexander - Miss Dorothy Quincy Roosevelt

Павел Шмаров - Анна Павлова

Adolf Pirsch - Portrait of a young girl with her dog by the sea

Mary Cassatt - A Visitor in Hat and Coat Holding a Maltese Dog

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Tags: dogs, series, women
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