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Мадонны в венках. Часть 4

Carstian Luyckx - Garland of Flowers with the Madonna and Child

Frans Francken (II) and Andries Daniels - Flower garland surrounding a coronation of Mary

Paulin von Wellenheim and Amalie Rieger - The Holy Family in Garland

Jan van Kessel the Elder - Madonna with the Child and St Ildephonsus Framed with a Garland of Flowers

Jan Brueghel the Younger - Floral Garland with the Holy Family

Johannes van der Baren - Mary Statuette in a Niche

Nicolaes van Veerendael - Bust of the Virgin Framed with a Garland of Flowers

Daniël Seghers - Garlands surround the Madonna

Carlo Maratta - 'Adoration of the Magi' Framed by a Garland of Flowers

Jan van Balen - Flower Garland and Madonna

Часть 1, Часть 2, Часть 3
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