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Дамы в красном. Часть 16

John Singer Sargent - Lizzie B. Dewey

Willem Wissing - Amelia of Nassau, Countess of Ossory

Adèle Romany - Portrait d'Aglae-Constance Boudard en robe de velours rouge

Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld - Portrait of Mrs Klara Bianka of Quandt with Lute

Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Loving Cup

József Rippl-Rónai - Girl in Red with Flowers

Константин Маковский - Портрет Худековой

Ethel Leontine Gabain - Peggy Ashcroft, as Juliet

Sir John Everett Millais - Mrs. Charles Werthrimer

Alice Bailly - Young Woman in a Red Shawl

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