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Дамы с собачками. Часть 16

Antoine Dury - Joséphine Bowes, Countess of Montalbo

Belisario Gioja - Seated Lady with Greyhounds

Charles Joseph Watelet - An Elegant Lady with her French Bulldog in an Interior

Marten Eskil Winge - Kraka

Louis Gauffier - Portrait of Elizabeth, Lady Webster, later Lady Holland, with Her Spaniel Pierrot

Francois Flameng - Riviera Promenade

Workshop of Pierre Gobert - Portrait de mademoiselle de Blois et mademoiselle de Nantes avec un chien

Sir Alfred James Munnings - Mrs J. V. Rank at Druids' Lodge by the Swimming Pool

Anna Rosina von Lisiewska - Portrait of a Lady with a Pug

Paulus Bor - Allegory of Avarice

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