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12:10 pm: Emil Bisttram - Flowers on a Table with Candle
05:13 pm: Albert Küchler - Colonel Paulsen's Family
11:16 pm: John Atkinson Grimshaw - Glasgow, Twilight
10:48 am: Восточные красавцы. Rudolph Swoboda
10:56 pm: Blaise Alexandre Desgoffe - Ewer in Engraved Rock Crystal and Precious Objects on a Red Cloth
09:13 am: William Didier-Pouget - The Lozère Valley at the Grand Roc, Dordogne
03:31 pm: Jules Marie Auguste Leroux - Three Young Painters by the Water
10:19 pm: Paolo Sala - Moscow
12:48 pm: Дети за чтением. Часть 11
10:40 pm: Henry Moret - The Breakers
09:49 am: Lorenzo Valles - At the Villa Borghese   1 comment
03:52 pm: Louis Emile Pinel de Grandchamp - Istanbul
10:49 pm: Ferdinand Roybet - The Connoisseur
09:02 am: William Forsyth - Road in Autumn
03:05 pm: William Bouguereau - The Proposal
10:13 pm: Anton Melbye - Paris, showing Tour St. Jacques and Notre Dame: Evening
11:50 am: Девушки с голубями. Часть 14
10:57 pm: Galileo Chini - The nostalgic hour on the Mé-Nam
09:28 am: William MacGregor Paxton - Still Life, Breakfast Tray
03:28 pm: Jean-Georges Béraud - Boulevard Poissonniere in the Rain
10:32 pm: Jan Cornelisz. Verspronck - Portrait of a Man
09:33 am: Henri Jules Jean Geoffroy - The Little Collectors
03:36 pm: Cornelis van Poelenburgh - Diana Bathing with her Nymphs
10:48 pm: Edmund Darch Lewis - Sunlight Through the Clouds Over a Rocky Coast
10:21 am: Георгины. Часть 6
09:52 pm: Marten van Cleve the Elder - St George’s Day, Village Kermesse with Figures Dancing and Merrymaking
09:19 am: William Hart - A Fall Day
03:20 pm: Herbert Gustave Schmalz - The Flower Girl
10:55 pm: Abraham Mignon - A Bird Nest in a Fruit Basket
09:18 am: Albert André - Interior
03:19 pm: Peter Wtewael - Kitchen Scene
10:19 pm: Frederick J. Sykes - Broadside View of a Steamship in the Moonlight
09:22 am: Arnold Marc Gorter - October: A Sunny Day in Autumn
03:28 pm: Aelbert Cuyp - Self-Portrait
10:02 pm: Daniel Merlin - Bouquet of Flowers, and Cats
12:18 pm: Дамы у камина. Часть 10
10:22 pm: Jesse Arms Botke - Cranes under a Giant Fern
09:35 am: Wilhelm Marstrand - Moving Day Scene
03:39 pm: William Bradford - Boston Harbor
10:44 pm: Adam August Müller - Portrait of Fritz Constantin Brun
11:32 am: Autumn. Robert Emmett Owen
10:35 pm: Paul Elie Gernez - Still Life with Flowers and Playing Cards
09:05 am: Pedro Ribera - The Conversation
03:06 pm: Giuseppe Canella - View of the Naviglio Canal from the San Marco Bridge in Milan
09:07 pm: Hugues Merle - Contemplation
12:09 pm: Cardplayers. Часть 9
10:16 pm: Соломон Боим - Ночная Москва
09:18 am: Cyrus Johnson - Autumn Leaves
03:07 pm: Aime-Gabriel-Adolphe Bourgoin - The Dance
09:09 pm: Edward John Poynter - Autumn Apples and Convolvulus
09:10 am: August Heyn - The Exhausted Mother
03:11 pm: Georges Michel - View of Paris from Montmartre  2 comments
09:12 pm: Lovis Corinth - Portrait of the Painter Hermann Eichfeld
10:15 am: Цыганки. Часть 7
10:50 pm: José Maria Murillo y Bracho - Doves
09:57 am: Борис Бессонов - Осень  2 comments
03:02 pm: Bernard de Monvel - Portrait of a Young Girl
10:05 pm: Piet Mondrian - Apples, Ginger Pot and Plate on a Ledge
09:20 am: Paul Cornoyer - Gloucester
03:21 pm: Henry Peters Gray - The Greek Lovers
10:25 pm: Arthur Royce Bradbury - The Barquentine 'Waterwitch'
10:40 am: Notre Dame de Paris. Часть 10
09:45 pm: Tilly Kettle - Young Man in a Fawn Coat
09:02 am: Peder Mork Mønsted - Autumn
03:03 pm: Hugo Salmson - Flower Seller
09:04 pm: Hermann David Solomon Corrodi - The Temple of Trajan on the Banks of the Nile, Egypt
09:19 am: Ernst van Leyden - A self portrait of the painter and his family
03:33 pm: Eric Sloane - Bucks County Barn, Late Afternoon
10:22 pm: Joos van Cleve - Madonna and Child
09:22 am: George Leslie Hunter - The Pink Tablecloth
03:28 pm: Agnolo Bronzino - Portrait of Giovanni de' Medici as a Child
10:17 pm: Leon Dolice - New York Nocturne
09:58 am: Всадницы. Часть 11
09:41 pm: Matthias Withoos - Still Life with Frog and Goldfinch (Thistles and Butterflies)
09:04 am: Charles W. Knapp - Autumn River Landscape
03:07 pm: Filippo Baratti - The New Favorite
09:52 pm: Victoria Fantin-Latour - Still Life with Peaches
10:04 am: Paris. Edouard Leon Cortes
10:27 pm: Virginie Demont-Breton - Young Fisherman Looking at Sea
08:56 am: Dwight W. Tryon - October in New England
03:09 pm: T.G.M. van Hettinga Tromp - A Basket of Pumpkins
10:09 pm: Jules Louis Machard - Jeune femme en tenue de soiree assise pres d'un bouquet d'hortensias