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Эйфелева башня. Часть 2

Jean Beraud - Entrance to the Exposition Universelle

Alfred Henry Maurer - Paris, Nocturne

Robert Delaunay - Eiffel Tower and the Gardens of the Champ de Mars

Lesser Ury - Eiffel Tower

Maurice Utrillo - Rue Saint-Dominique and the Eiffel Tower

Jules Ernest Renoux - The Trocadero Gardens and the Rhinoceros

Marc Chagall - La Tour Eiffel

Emile-Othon Friesz - The Seine in Paris, The Eiffel Tower, Daytime

Henri Rousseau - The Eiffel Tower

Gaston La Touche - View of Paris from St.Cloud

Часть 1
Tags: paris, series

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