Iria (irushonok) wrote,

На балу. Часть 6

Charles Hermans - Bal masqué

Charles Hoffbauer - At the Ball

Johann Georg Platzer - Dancing Scene with Palace Interior

Alfred Henry Maurer - Le Bal au Moulin Rouge

Giovanni Paolo Pannini - A Ball Given by the Duc de Nivernais to Mark the Birth of the Dauphin

John Sloan - Hotel Dance, Santa Fe

Beatrice Offor - Ball Masque

William James Glackens - Bal Martinique

Gonzales Coques - Charles II Dancing at The Hague

Edvard Munch - Ball

Часть 1, Часть 2, Часть 3, Часть 4, Часть 5
Tags: dance, people, series

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