Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дети и собаки. Часть 10

Nathaniel Hone - Girl with Dog

Stephen Seymour Thomas - Weighing the Puppy

Francis Cotes - Anna Maria Astley, Aged Seven, and her Brother Edward, Aged Five and a Half

Jacob Willemszoon Delff the Elder - Portrait of a boy aged two

Hubert Salentin - The Dog Cart

William James Glackens - Lenna with Rabbit Hound

Helena J. Maguire - A Hearty Welcoming

Friedrich August Von Kaulbach - A Young Girl Resting In A Landscape With Her Dog

Николай Фешин - Друзья

Hendrick Berckman - Young Boy with Dog

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Tags: children, dogs, series

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