Iria (irushonok) wrote,

Дамы с собачками. Часть 10

E. Defonds - Empress Eugenie at Biarritz

William Holman Hunt - Miss Gladis M. Holman Hunt (The School of Nature)

Friedrich August Kaulbach - Bildnis einer Dame im historisierenden Kostüm mit Dogge

Charles Albert Walhain - Portrait of Countess de la Maitrie in Equestrian Dress

Giovanni Battista Piazzetta - A young woman offering a dog a biscuit

Federico Zandomeneghi - The Best Friend

Johannes Hendrik van West - Love Letter

Joseph Wright of Derby - Maria and her Dog Silvio

Mather Brown - Lady with a Dog

Fernando Botero - Woman standing

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Tags: dogs, series, women

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